Nurses Without Benefits

Your ability to earn a living is the most valuable asset that you have. Therefore it is vitally important, if your employer does not protect you against disability, that you purchase a disability income contract. Generally the carriers will cover 60% of your gross income. This assumes that your net pay is approximately 60% of your gross income, therefore, matching your bring home pay. There are multiple elimination periods(wait periods) and benefit periods available. We work closely with each nurse to find the protection that meets their needs as well as their budget. These contracts are not integrated and contain own occupation definitions of disability. Our main carrier offers a refund option that will refund 100% of your premiums (minus claims) at the age of 65 if you do not use your policy. Please contact us for a additional information and cost. Our contracts are portable and will remain in effect if you change jobs. Keep in mind all insurance products are age sensitive. The earlier in life that you purchase it the better.

Working Women Need Disability Insurance

Most people insure their lives but overlook insuring their incomes. Fortunately, more women are realizing the importance and are more likely to protect their incomes today that at any other time in history. According to an HIAA survey, one main reason more women than men are locking proper disability insurance coverage is because women are more likely to be employed by businesses that do not offer such coverage.

As a woman, your income is important. In fact, did you know American women constitute the largest economic workforce in the world*? Anyone who relies on their ability to earn a living should purchase disability insurance. No woman can afford to work without this safety net.

Women are three times more likely that men to lose their income as a result of disability*, making the decision all the more important to buy DI. We have helped nurses protect their income from the devastating consequences of disability for over 20 years. Contact us today and as about income protection.

*National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
Commissioner’s Individual Disability Table A (1985)

Other Type of Coverage

Should you be injured in an accident or become ill, you may be eligible for assistance-depending on your circumstance.

Worker’s compensation only pays if your disability is job related. The amount and time period will vary according to the state you live in.

Social Security is available for certain disabilities. The downside is that few people qualify. The benefits are dependent on your prior taxable earnings. It is very difficult to receive coverage. Social Security is a safety net that doesn’t catch many people.